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Things as It Is

Copper Canyon Press, 2018




I want to see things as they are

without me. Why, I don’t know.


As a kid I always looked 

at roadkill close up, and poked 

a stick into it. I want to look at death


with eyes like my own baby eyes,

not yet blinded by knowledge.


I told this to my friend the monk,

and he said, Want, want, want.

Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been:

New and Selected Poems. 

Copper Canyon Press, 2010

Bloodaxe Books in the UK

Winner of the Kingsley Tufts Award from Claremont Graduate University

Winner of the Balcones Poetry Prize

“Chase Twichell’s poems are among my favorites ever written. Often brash, always vivid, smart, and lyrical, pointing toward essential things—this is a marvelous and rich body of work.”  —Tony Hoagland 

Dog Language

Copper Canyon Press, 2005

Bloodaxe Books in the UK

“Suppose you had Sappho’s passion, the intelligence and perspicacity of Curie, and Dickinson’s sweet wit, all mixed into a brilliantly shifting connectivity of ideas, scenes, creatures, phantoms, moods, and suspicions, and set her in the life we know we live. Then you would have the poems of Chase Twichell, which are so splendid and astonishing that they actually console her readers in the parlors of Pompeii”.  —Hayden Carruth

The Lover of God by Rabindranath Tagore

Co-translation, with Tony K. Stewart

Copper Canyon Press, 2003

“This little book is a gem, a firework, a trompe l’oeil, a jeu d’esprit, a subterfuge, a complete delight.”

                      —Rupert Snell, Director, Hindi Urdu Flagship, U. of Texas, Austin

The Snow Watcher

Ontario Review Press, 1998

Bloodaxe Books in the UK

“Meditating on the act and struggle of meditation, Twichell bridges nature and the mind, the child self and the adult self or selves, the facts of doubt and distraction and the promise of illumination. Again and again despite everything, illumination rises, with its wisdom: Poetry’s not window-cleaning. / It breaks the glass.”  —Alicia Ostriker

The Ghost of Eden

Ontario Review Press, 1995

Faber & Faber in the UK

“In this impressive fourth collection, Twichell investigates human destruction of the natural world. She conveys the enormity of the subject with unflinching intelligence . . . . This ambitious, compelling collection

establishes Twichell as a major voice in contemporary poetry.” 

                                                                                        —Publishers Weekly

The Practice of Poetry:

Writing Exercises From Poets Who Teach

Co-edited with Robin Behn

HarperCollins, 1992

In print for 25 years!

“I consider The Practice of Poetry one of the two primary instruments in my poetry toolbox. Nothing short of essential. Do yourself—and your poetry—a favor and get your own copy.”  —Choriamb: Poetry News & Reviews


Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1991

Faber & Faber in the UK

“A poet with a dazzling and profound imagination.”  —Library Journal

"W.B. Yeats said, that in the end poetry had only two subjects—sex and death. This volume from the American poet Chase Twichell underwrites the Yeatsian prescription, at once subtly and directly. The poems move with ease, between land and sea, present and past, imagination and reality." 

                                                                                             —Poetry London

The Odds

University of Pittsburgh Press, 1986

"Chase Twichell has that rare combination of technical fastidiousness and imaginative recklessness that marks for us poets who intend fully to test their powers, and remind us of ours.”  —William Matthews

Northern Spy

University of Pittsburgh Press, 1981

"The publication of Chase Twichell's Northern Spy marks the debut of an American poet unusual in her power to surprise and to clarify. There is a rich and strange language in this book that is the mark of a poet in sure control of her subjects, and a rare intelligence which time and time again delivers unexpected but just observations of experience."

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